Creative Dancetime sessions begin with a song to welcome the children together.  During the introduction clapping rhythms are introduced and the children are encouraged to join in with the songs and actions. 

The children warm up their bodies through fun activities and copying games and gently stretch their muscles ready for the rest of the dance session.

The main body of each session uses a variety of music, dance, mime and song. Some simple ballet technique is introduced that helps to improve flexibility and posture, strengthen muscles and develop coordination. Props are often used such as ribbons, flags, scarves and wands. Some sessions may involve dressing up and becoming a character or a trip into space or nursery rhyme land, all helping to further extend the children’s imagination. Original music specifically written for Creative Dancetime is used to engage the children in each activity.  At the heart of every session is enjoyment and fun. There is something for every child in a Creative Dancetime class.   

Through years of experience working with children Creative Dancetime understands that each child is unique and develops and learns in an individual way. Children enjoy different and varied activities and can be engaged by a wide variety of music and dance styles. It is for this reason that Creative Dancetime not only uses it’s own original music specifically written for Creative Dancetime sessions but also uses the Melody Bear© teaching programme and Zumba Kids Jr.

By having all of these resources available to us each session can be engaging and stimulating for all children and makes us a unique provider of dance and movement for the pre-school age group.